4l60e id tag decoder The TH-200-4R was used in GM rear-wheel-drive cars equipped with the 231 Buick, 301 Pontiac, and the Oldsmobile 307, 350 gas and 350 diesel engines from 1981-'90; however, many Chevrolet 267 and 305 V-8s also used the TH-200-4R because of the multi-fit bellhousing. It can be easily found on the door tag or in some vehicle papers. General Information - Converter Identification 1. 5-0@767. Changes to the C4 by Year. The most common rear end: Chrysler 8. 700R4 or A replacement tag (Figure 6) must be placed on the case as well. 4L60e identification. 8L: 4 Decoding Chevrolet VIN, trim tags, cowl tags, engine, engine block casting numbers, cylinder head casting numbers, intake manifold casting numbers, transmission, interior codes, and paint codes. Decoding . ACURA. For example, if the number is 0, the transmission is from 1990. 88 $8. 2000 Tag ID CTR# Application 0AJP T1675AA 4. The same formulas apply for the automatic gear ratios concerning the combined ratio. 3L : 4 Spd RWD/4X4 : 4L60E 1994: Interchangeable with '93 4L60E with no modifications. Does this mean that you can use a 98 4l60e in place of a 95 4l60e. You can get the best discount of up to 50% off. GM Transmission Technical Information . TH350 2. Look in your glovebox for the Service Parts ID tag. 8L S. You may find the paper identification tag on the top cover of the transmission case. However, locating the exact match to your vehicle can be difficult and sourcing a properly functioning used 4L60E Transmission may take several installation & removal attempts before getting a good one. Boost VZ SS LS1 - Wheels + Badges VZ Commodore Multiple Fault Codes MiracleMAX 2005 Holden VZ SV6 Commodore 0 - 220km/h VY/VZ COMMODORE SERVICE MENU ACCESS How to reset your ECU in less than 1 minute Commodore C64 Dangerous Wedge PSU Repair vz sv6 cat back exhaust no back muffler 4L60E Design Changes and Tags VZ MY06 Commodore Doesnt start Aug 21 'Chevrolet Chevy Transmission Identification and Decoding May 2nd, 2018 - Chevy Automatic Transmission Identification Other Methods Some transmissions have a code stamped onto them Others have a tag rivited to the case' 'Part 1 How Can I Tell If My 4L60 E Transmission is BAD April 30th, 2018 - How Can I Tell If My 4L60 E Transmission is 4l60e identification decoder keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website 4L60E One Piece Case Identification: 93-97 GM changed its naming nomenclature into a universal standard across all of its product line. A paper tag may also be present on the driver side top of the bell. Model. Dont know if this is the correct spot for this I pulled my trans to rebuild (3-4 cluches smoked, suprise suprise) 4l60e out of a 1996 yukon 4x4 to find that it look like it may be a bone yard unit I have been trying for hours to find somewhere to decode the numbers so I know what it came out 4L60E Technical Information . We can build it. 521x291x033. This Tech Tip is From the Full Book, … I've read that there's a sticker in the glove box that tells you the options each truch had coming off the assembly line (Service Parts Identification sticker). Grands and XJ's come with a variety of axles. On the rear of the trans there should be a metal tag affixed to the case that looks like this: Click a year below to view the information. com Tel: 866-EVT Quality Reman Transmissions and Transmissions Parts for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Jeep, Lincoln, Pontiac Olds and More. In one year or make and model, a code might mean ione thing, then in another year or for a different make and model it will mean something else. The 4L60E transmission is designed to handle a max engine torque of 360 lb-ft. 04 - Rollerized C4 planetary system from Performance Automatic Transmissions. However, not all transmission had them, not all tags are still there, and not all tags are still readable. If you love 55-56-57 Chevy's this site is for you. 8L, 5. PR Valve. Regular fluid and filter maintenance is the simplest thing you can do ensure the performance and durability of your Allison fully automatic transmission. PSI 6L80E / 6L90E Transmission Model Year Tag Decoder. 0L, and 6. All GM transmissions are fitted with the standard small-/big-block Chevy bellhousing bolt pattern. 0L C-Truck, G-Van 3CHD 5. Decode a 4l80e I know what I have is an earlier model because it has the rib up the top of the bell housing and does not have the 12 o'clock hole. Automatic Transmission Identification and Information TH700-R4, 4L60, 4L60E: 16 bolts: 7: 4L80E: 17 bolts: Identifying a TH200-4R vs. So you have to check the next letters too. No, because there have been other changes in the trans over the years. The latest ones are on Mar 17, 2021 Automatic Transmission, Forward Shift Pattern, Automatic/Manual Valve Body, Chevy, 4L60E, 1993-95, 4WD, Each. ford transmission identification tag There are about 400 transmission codes in the GM build codes. Our transmissions have withstood Make: General Motors Transmission Type: 4L60E Years: 1998-03, 4. Model Year & Country Codes. 00 Select options; 700R4 Torque Converter Number 2 700R4 EARLY 4L60E 200-4R Super Street Raptor Converter 1200 to 2800 Stall Speeds $ 309. Its odd-shaped 16-bolt pan has 13mm bolt heads. Chevrolet and General Motors pickup truck Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) equipment codes. We also offer Full Manual valve bodies or stand alone transmission controllers to run them. 25": It has a flat bottom The other optional rear axle: Dana 35 or Turdy-5 The rare Dana 44: And a bunch of other All-new shift solenoids ensure positive shifting EPC solenoid is tested separate from the transmission to confirm precise pressure control. C. The first year, 1982, is identified by "9," with all following years identified by the last digit of the year. vppsgmoptionsactiveonly_1111200 09u 48758 p ccu m primary color exterior, mary kay pearl tricoat (02) 10926 e 4 e a 09u 49389 p ccu m primary color exterior, polar white (02) holden 10327 e 8 e a rpocodes. 4L60E One Piece Case Identification: 93-97 The one-piece case 4L60E was produced from 1993 through 1997. Decode Every Chevrolet car has a unique identifier code called a VIN. 5: Common location of the identification code for the 42/44/46RE, 42/46RH and 30/32RH transmissions Access our Jeep Wagoneer, Commando, Cherokee 1984-1998 Transmission Repair Guide Manual Transmissions by creating an account or signing into your AutoZone Rewards account. If you are having problems with your transmission, you may notice that there are vibrations or hesitancy when shifting through different gears as you drive. Vehicle Door Jamb Sticker Decoding Page Ford transmission code U is used to denote the automatic 4R70W transmission used in F-150 and F-250 vehicles. Print your own 10th digit VIN year chart here:🔧 4L60E One Piece Case Identification: 93-97 GM changed its naming nomenclature into a universal standard across all of its product line. I found mine using a Haynes tranny book for that tranny. The Chevrolet Turbohydramatic 350 automatic transmission, or THM350, was available on all Chevrolet and most GM models staring in 1969. B: 2-3 shift solenoid ground signal . The 350 transmission The Novak Guide to the GM 4L80E Automatic Transmission Introduction. 0L K-Truck A Used 4L60E Transmission . Most transmissions will have a "source serial number" (chassis vin) usually found close to the transmission code. This is about the various changes to the case and other areas since 1993. 6L45-6L90-Identify_D 01-24-17 800-843-2600 • 802-463-9722 • F: 802-463-4059 • www. Identification of the THM700-R4 automatic transmission is accomplished by locating visual clues separating it from other GM and Chevrolet automatic transmissions and by decoding the information found on the identification tag. My car has an automatic transmission. For all 58X LSX motors, LS2, LS3, LS7, LS9, and Vortec GM Motors. The constants in decoding the trans ID number are the date the transmission was produced. 67:1. the First One, Called "Compnine"You Enter your Vehicles Vin# Number, this Site Used to Give You 1-Free Vin # Number Look-up, but I think Now it Cost $5. 7-liter small block V8 was the first LS engine put into production under the hood of the 1997 Corvette. 10 gears, Rhino Liner, EGRUSA fender Flares and widow visors, firestone airbags w/onboard air compressor, Pioneer Avic X940BT navigation. all 1992 and later 700R4 and 4L60E’s. 30 GEARS March 2002 Figure 14a-e How to identify the type of Ford automatic transmission in your car is one of the most frequently asked questions. Pre-67 Example: C213N - (C = Cleveland Powerglide, February 13, Night Shift) Fluid + Filter Calculator. Whether it is Offroad racing, Kings of the Hammer, drag racing or just a custom street rod. The 4 stands for 4 speed, L is for Longitudinal (for a rear wheel drive vehicle), and 60 is the torque capacity. 1-0@460 P. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts. Ford Transmissions - Ford casting ID numbers and part Find the transmission ID tag on the top surface of the transmission or under a servo bolts on the transmission. Which LS The number on the "new" transmission is TZ1B4ZMDAA-RR, with a second tag showing a shorter number, 429856. see the following examples: What do I need to know when ordering a rebuilt transfer case or parts? Proper identification of the unit you are working on is imparative to getting the correct drop in replacement transfer case or replacement parts. GM 4L80E technical information The 4L80E transmission is a four speed automatic with torque converter clutch. A: 1-2 shift solenoid ground signal . 8L, 5. It has an 11 pin case connector. Firebird VIN Decoding 1970-74 Firebird Trim Decoding 1969 Body Tag Form 1969 Body Tags 67-69 Firebird Stats Early 2nd Gen Features 1980-81 Turbo Trans Am Registry! 80-81 Turbo TA Search 2002 TA Production Numbers 2002 Firebird Specifications 1967-1981 Firebird Production Numbers Reader's Rides Favorite Books Of Trans Am World Contact Me Home In 1973-1980 GM Trucks had a series of VINLetter Combinations of a Phone Number. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE VARIOUS 4L60E/4L65E/4L70E TRANSMISSIONS? ID tag. This means that the lock up apply strategy is an on /off arrangement. 7L C-Truck, G-Van I've searched both the web and this site and I can't seam to decode the identification code for a 4l60e trans I picked up at a junkyard. Best Rotavator Manufacturer In India Here's a Super Turbine 400 ( early name for what is basically a Turbo-Hydromatic 400 ) for a 1965 401 Nailhead. This tag has various vehicle information that includes, the country of origin, year of manufacture, engine type, and the transmission. 70 overdrive gear ratio. All Of Our Transmissions Now Come With Northland Synergy Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid. Look up a trasnmission by model number and view vehicle applications and compatibility; or search for a vehicle by make and model to display applicable transmission(s). 4L60E's use the letter D as the 3rd digit of the 3 letter model code, where 700R4/4L60 uses a M. 4L60E identification can be very demanding because it has been produced for so long. Here is how to year date a 700R4/4L60 transmission. My Transmission. Chrysler, Ford, General Motors etc (alphabetically), then by Transmission Type (again alphabetically) and finally by Converter Code (TCS Code). Replacement of all worn or damaged hubs; 100% new Friction Linings; 100% new Bearings; All Pistons machined to exceed factory trueness specs; Outer Diameter trimmed to assist with better balance and GM FWD Transmission ID Charts. 00 Select options; 700R4 Conversion Kit for Early GM Cars and Trucks in 5 700R4 Levels and Price Points The easiest way to ID the LS heads is the 3 digit casting number on the spark plug side of the head. All 66-77 Broncos came with the Dana 20 transfer case. 4L60E Torque Converter LS1 4L60E 4L65E and 4L70E, Mega Raptor-2L 10 1/2 inch Billet Number MR-2L $ 795. The 4L60E naming also indicates a lot about the transmission. Since 2005 the company has consulted with various non-profits, churches, schools, and more. The Identification Process is best left to a professional who has experience in this matter. 2 : early gm truck automatic transmission: gm 200r4 transmission vehicles : gm 3 speed transmission: gm 350 thm transmission id : gm 350 turbo transmission id : gm 3800 transmission drops power then picks up : gm 4l60 e Difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Ma Love Quotes in Tamil with images. Pontiac’s transmission offerings for 1964–1974 GTOs were similar to the transmissions offered in other Pontiac and GM models. Horse Power: 650 (Up to 650 ft lbs Torque) Converter: Custom Built & Custom Stalled 10'' or 11'' Lock-Up Billet Racing Stall: 2600-4000 CORE CHARGE: $450. The 4L60E (and similar 4L65E) is a series of automatic transmissions from General Motors. 1-2 Puck . Please supply the assembly number when ordering a replacement. 02 - 3-spd ID. 0L 4 Spd FWD B7ZA / M7ZA CL 2001-06 V6 3. TH200. As the successor to the Powerglide, it was produced until 1989. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jan 31 Identification Charts ACURA Model Year Engine Trans Type Transmission CL 1996-97 L4 2. McKinley Ave. Disassemble the input drive shell forward clutch, reverse clutch, sprag, direct clutch and inspect all parts. Joined Nov 26, 2011 · 58 Posts . Fig. Why is an Allison fully automatic transmission so effective? It’s a combination of remarkable design, precision engineering and components made and assembled using the industry’s highest quality standards. A broken sunshell requires the transmission to be taken apart. The part number in the casting is 24208421. Does not have PWM cast into front pump. Photo of TH200-4R I just picked up a 2006 4L80E for a 383/4l80E/NP205 combination I'm working on, and I'm trying to research the specifics of the transmission. All 125-C, 440-T4, 4T60, and 4T60-E transmissions use the same style torque converter, and they are interchangeable before 1996. This number will contain division ID #, model year, assembly plant and production sequence (last 6 digits) of the VIN stamped onto the transmission. Does not have PWM cast into front pump. 0 out of 5 stars 2 $39. GM 4L60E ID 1993 Tag ID Vehicle 3CAD 4. here is the code list i have and i believe it to be 98% accurate. How To Identify a 4L60E Transmission and Decipher Case Tags November 6, 2018 Roadkill Customs How To & DIY , Technical Info This video discusses various case changes and other differences of the 4l60E Transmission variations since 1993: 4l60e transmission tag decoder Here is the 4l60e transmission tag decoder For the WMI: The digits 1 through 3 combined is the WMI, (World Manufacturer Identifier). You can determine the RPO code if you have the VIN from the original vehicle. 2L 5 Spd FWD MGFA / BGFA Integra 1986-89 L4 1. The beauty is in the converter’s torque multiplication. Designed for longitudinal engine configurations, the series includes 4 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. The most notable differences between the Bronco Dana 20s are the early version 66-72 known as the T-shift with 2. 7L, 6. Hello, the transmission will bolt up to vehicle. The 700r4 transmission is a Free GM VIN Decoder - Get detailed information about any GM vehicle made since 1980. Versus later electronic models (such as the 4L60E), the 200-4R is both more affordable and simpler to work with, although concerns around the integrity of the TV cable and difficulties that often arise when trying to adjust it are always factors to take into consideration. 1-2 Shift D2. Every cylinder block and transmission of most late model Chevrolets have vehicle identification numbers and serial numbers stamped on them. 4L60E Identification, What type of 4L60E do you have? The photos below demonstrate and show you how to determine the differences between the 4L60E 1pc & 2pc style bellhousings. I looked and it's there of course. Bonbo T-0151 Rear Clutch Spring Compressor Transmission Tool - 4L60E Low & Reverse Spring Compressor, Compatible with GM 250, 250C, 350, 350C, 700R4, 4L60 & 4L60-E 5. 8/5. com. Each part of the code can give some information about the car. 1963-1970 M21 One Automatic Transmission, Forward Shift Pattern, Automatic/Manual Valve Body, Chevy, 4L60E, 1993-95, 4WD, Each. 3L G2500 0AKP T1664AB 7. Was this answer helpful? Yes No. Enter your vehicle details. I don't want to put all 400 in a post! The transmission ID tag below in the pictures kind of feels like it's the original. Tags are usually on the top of the bell housing. The 4L60E was concurrently produced along with its strengthened progenitors; the 4L65-E and the 4L70-E. . ACDelco Reverse Input Drum 4L60E 4L65E 4L70E 700R4 Trutechtrans. The 1st number is the year model of the transmission. 3 bell housing. The manual overdrive five-speed transmission often used in F-150, F-250 and Ford Ranger Trifivechevys. Fig. 74:1 first gear ratio, and overdrive is 0. On late model units you will find barcode decals on the cases with OEM part numbers attached. GM Turbo 200 and 200C: 3 Speed Transmission. NOTE: The solenoid body strategy is always 13 numeric digits. Does anyone have the list of what these codes mean?? I'm specifically looking to see what gear 4L60E Performance Specs. The easiest method of GM automatic transmission identification is to examine the transmission pan. 7L : 3 RWD: 1968 - 1970: 350 : 88 Royale 3. Engine Type/Size Guide to identifying GM manual transmissions At this point, he added the third and fourth digits of the code to his I. I have a post somewhere that asks this question. by: Cobalt327 (Click here to edit this page anonymously, or register a username to be credited for your work. Remove the 3-4 clutch steels and plates, apply plate, and retaine The sticker tag is missing the ID # on the 4L65E is stamped on the bottom of the case before the tail section if tag is missing. There is a paper tag on the drivers side rear that has 04CHD on the top of the tag with 04CHD708155259 below Thanks for any help you can provide. Just wondering why they did this? And how are we supposed to keep track of the date of mfg and traceability The Hydra-Matic 6L80 (production code MYC) is a six-speed automatic transmission produced by General Motors for use in rear- and rear-biased all-wheel-drive vehicles with a longitudinal powertrain I'm doing a 4L60E swap and the tranny in my car has a big 35 on the side of it next to where it says L60E, The one i ebay'ed has a 34 next to 4L60E, Now i already know that the bell housings are alittle different, my original has a bolt top dead center, the new one doesnt, and the shifting shaft out the side is about 2" longer on the new one Transfer Case Identification. See if they apply to you and see what the solution is. 1994: Interchangeable with '93 4L60E with no modifications. E: ignition power feed from TCM to solenoids . use ctrl-f to search . if3 : trim, interior design ifd : trim, interior design il2 : trim-interior design il3 : trim-interior design ilc : trim-interior design ild : trim-interior design ipc : trim-interior design ise : trim combination, cloth, ok charcoal, (e) isz : discount option package (value group) iv5 : unknown? j1f : brake provision special to suit foreign We Are Buying Most 4x4 and Late Model Cores, If you have a core to sell, please contact us HERE and we will get back to you. The 4L60E naming also indicates a lot about the transmission. 8L 07/97 - 07/99 DDT 1060 030 013 01V 300 041Q Chevrolet/GMC/Geo: Model: Years: Transmission Type: Engine Type/Size: Transmission Model: Remarks: Astro: 1989-1992: TH700-R4/4L60: ASTRO/SAFARI: 1995-2003: 4 SP RWD/AWD Looking to do an LS Swap? PSI is Your Source For LSX Conversion Parts. The problem is that the vin tag is gone off the cab. 95 & up 4l60e have pwm and a computer program tailored to that feature. The 4L60 is the latter model 700R4 transmission, only the name changed, if you think you may have a 700R4 look here to identify it. New Process/New Venture transfer cases are easy to identify. TH400 2. The 4 indicates that this is a 4 speed transmission, with it being an automatic transmission in this case. The "paper" tag has a The trans ID plate is on the pass side toward the rear. Add your vehicle in Manage My Vehicles. The 4L60E is the electronically commanded evolution of the Turbo-Hydramatic 700R4 , originally produced in 1982. 20 General Motors Vince Hall Proprietor – ATRA Member 1155 N. Throttle. Once you’ve made a positive ID, your sales rep or tech advisor can steer you in the right direction for transmission replacement components, performance upgrades, rebuild kits, and other items to help harness all your vehicle’s power. The 4 stands for 4 speed, L is for Longitudinal (for a rear wheel drive vehicle), and 60 is the torque capacity. )Code reuse. Affordable Prices. The id # for this one is 4CHD. The 4 indicates that this is a 4 speed transmission, with it being an automatic transmission in this case. All Rights Reserved. Well the tag is for a 2001 S series truck with a 2. M. They start with the letter M. PSI sells affordable, in stock, full tech support, plug and play standalone wiring harnesses for lsx and lt1 swaps. 2L 4 Spd FWD A6VA CL 1998-99 L4 2. The transmission was originally designed and built by BorgWarner for the Dodge Viper later being used by GM in 1992 for the generation II and later engines, but from 1998 was built by Tremec, though nothing changed internally. 3 flex plate. Later the Camaro and GTO also received this powerplant until 2004. This is a computer controlled transmission first 125 125c 200 200c 2004r th350 th400 700r4 4l60e 4l65e 4l70e 4l80e 4l85e 4t60 4t60e 4t65e cd4e transmission filler tube boot fits '69+ (1259475) TRANSTEC / CORTECO $5. Any tag decipherers here? Can't find much info online yet. It has an 11 pin case connector. 3 Diesel. Record this information on your work order along with the previously gathered vehicle specs. Typical ID tags are shown here (Figures 1 & 2) with an explanation of what the information means. 1 The Catalogue is organized in the following sequence; Manufacturer e. sonnax. It should look something like the item below, where I have circled M30 - which is the trans I have. The '93-'94 is a NON PWM transmission. com is an online car club for enthusiasts of Trifive Chevy Cars and Trucks. 217 Plastic Ball. com. Jun 11, 2015 - Chevy transmission code identification chart: 4l60e 4l65e 4l80e 4l60e id Can anybody decode this for me please 611shdy29629975 is the ID on my transmission thanks. 4l60e tag decode,document about 4l60e tag decode,download an entire 4l60e tag decode document onto your computer. 3L-L35 engine Tag ID: TLCX Input Splines: 30 turbine splines Diameter: 12-1/2 Pilot Size: 1. Many people want to know exactly what year the transmission came from, and what vehicle it was in. 700R4 Identification- With the Identification Tag: Lets say that you have found a transmission at a swap meet, on Craigslist, or at the salvage yard. At the bottom of the tag on the left 1st 2 digits is the year. Transmissions plug pin identification 1995 and up. Below you'll also see what your 4L60E will look like with and without the Neutral Safety Switch . Jeep Transfer Case Identification Guide Note: This article does not cover every transfer case ever installed in a Jeep, but instead highlights the most popular used throughout the years. It can also be used to date 4L60E transmissions if you continue the date progression. 429mustangcougarinfo. So Ok that didn't work. And, sorry, no pics. GM Turbo 2004R (2004R Transmission)Overdrive Transmission Shifts. Dealer Introduction: 2/26/70 Vehicle Identification Example: 123870N500001 First digit is GM Division: 1 = Chevrolet David 2004 Silverado 2500 Crew Cab 4x4, AMSOIL EA air filter, Throttle body spacer, Spintech exhaust (true dual to 2 in 1 out muffler), 6" ProComp lift (add a leaf and 5" superlift rear block), Bilstein shocks, 35's (Cooper Disoverer AT3) and 4. com Page 2 Clutch Select Spring Usage Refer to notes below in A and B, and Figure 4 to identify early 1st design plate that does not use supplied clutch select springs. The section below the Converter Part Number (Grey 4l60e tag decoder keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website Chevy 4L60e Automatic Transmission to fit car and truck applications * This is a generic listing we will obtain your Vin number in order to ship the correct unit to you Complete system correction and recalibration kit installed to address several OE flaws. A sample code reads "8YDM021H," with the first digit representing the year. This information tag is located on rear of transfer case near where the driveshaft exits. 1963-1965 M20 None. 8L 4 Spd FWD RO Integra 1991-93 L4 1. Gale and his cats - Region 18 -1970 350 ci 700r4 B&M 144 The Turbo 400 transmission was a 3 speed automatic transmission developed by General Motors. Through the years some codes have been reused. In addi­tion to 3- and 4-speed manual trans­missions, Pontiac also offered 2- and 3-speed automatic transmissions. I want to know if this transmission is going to be compatible electronically, and if the final drive gear ratio matches my rear diff. Use our online shopping cart, just double click the part number and see additional information, add to cart or proceed to check out. Top left 2 digits is the model Top right on tag should be the letter P for 4L80E--4L80EHD ( heavy duty ) Info taken from GM trans id book See full list on novak-adapt. ID/Wide Our Part Number Price Picture; Tooth Counts ID Marks; Year Miscellaneous Info ; Years Part Info Number ; Call 877-771-3372 for current price & availability; Bolt-on bell BYK GM-9L6-01-05P2-E0 Picture not available 09 Rwd TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY 17803882 Bolt-on bell No tip tail 2CHD EBR GM-9L6-01-0545-K8 Picture not available INTRODUCTION THM 4L60-E 1 No part of any ATSG publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, including but not limited to electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, Using these clues and the diagrams above, you can narrow down the identity of your manual transmission. g. Reply with your 1970 Vin tag and then your body trim tag (3 or 4 lines). Its says 3SDD which I think is a s series transmission. 7L K2500 0BMP T1661BA 5. SPS provides transmission that use a standard slip yoke, where as the production units use a fixed yoke that requires a 2- piece driveshaft. Our 4L60E oil pan guide will help determine if you have a deep or shallow oil pan and direct you in the right direct to make sure you get the proper filter for your model 4L60E transmission. Bryan's list has part numbers, and several part numbers were made from the same casting. A second question, are there any weak spots to fix before install. 00 ATF: $100 Original equipment transmissions & transfer cases you can trust Tested to meet or exceed GM OE specifications, only GM Genuine Parts offers transmissions and transfer cases designed specifically to fit your exact Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac vehicle. This means that the lock up apply strategy is an on /off arrangement. MUNCIE M-22 (453) G. 1. 2-3 Shift. There is a number stamped on the case pan rail about 8 characters long that includes ONE of the ID codes. The last is the standard car and light truck unit used in most 1980-91 GM lockups like the 350,200, etc. I have somewhat dismantled the trans and found the 3/4 clutch, 2 were worn down to metal. The NV4500 transmission identification tag is attached to the shifter top cover. After a near-stock LT1 Corvette Convertible paced the Indy 500 in 1995 – which was only the third time Corvette had ever been bestowed with this honor – Chevrolet decided to commemorate the occasion by producing a specially optioned Pace Car Replica. 4L G-Van 0BCP T1661AA 5. This is gonna make it easier for you to figure out which one is under your rig. In this video, Jeremy from 1A Auto explains why VIN's are 17 digits, and what each of those 17 digits means. 99 Casting numbers identify the specific manual transmission, including drive ratio, number of gears and compatible components. Slow, slipping, or no reverse: You have a broken sunshell, or circuit issue in the valve body. Transmission options include 4L60E- 4L70E-4L80E-4L85E and the new 6L80E & 6L90E 6-speed automatic transmissions. Part Number: HUP-74-1CE Not Yet Reviewed 4l60e Transmission Identification Sticker Decoder Overview. The new discount codes are constantly updated on Couponxoo. This was one of General Motors editions of the Hydramatic transmission series. 6L 4 Spd FWD CA / P1 Integra 1990 L4 1. The VIN is a 17-character string of letters and numbers without intervening spaces or the letters Q (q), I (i), and O (o); these are omitted to avoid confusion with the numerals 0 and 1. C: pressure control solenoid high . 4L60E/4L65E/4L70E Torque Converter 4L60E/4L65E/4L70E Torque Converter Family: Torque Converter Remanufacturing Standards GM 4L60E / 4L65E / 4L70E. tag during the conversion. It may be enough to ID the transmission. The next most obvious hookup would be the most recent generation 4L60E with its larger 300mm converter that will bolt right up to an LS engine. There is a lot more information available about each of the transfer cases listed below, as such this article is written to give you an overview of each. ACDelco Reverse Input Drum 4L60E 4L65E 4L70E 700R4 Trutechtrans,4L65E 4L70E 700R4 Trutechtrans ACDelco Reverse Input Drum 4L60E,New ACDelco Reverse Input Drum 700R4 4L60E, Get valuable technical information by viewing our tech pages, Good Product Online Wholesale Online A Wise Choice making your life easy, healthy and more enjoyable. 740. 3L G-Van, C-Truck Standard and Crew Cab Decoding a Sample VIN. 4l60e serial number decoder Dave Grout founded Timberline Team in 2005. 3 liter? TH700 (4L60) 1983 Camaro & Firebird, 1984-Up All, need first 4 digits (numbers and letters) from ID Tag. The vaccum modulator, when installed into the 4L60e, regulates the line pressure. Once you sign in, follow these instructions to access our Repair Guides. 00 for a Vin# Number Look-up?? This Site"Compnine"will Show you the RPO Codes that are listed on the Service Parts Identification Label Located in When you order an NP246 transfer case rebuild kit or NP246 transfer case rebuild parts, keep in mind there are slight variations between Dodge and GM units. Early models have a rectangular ID plate screwed to the back of the case; newer ones have a round red/silver/black tag on their backsides. i am looking to see what year it was and it seems like I have that part of the answer cause it's the first digit, cant decifer the rest of the meaning. com gm rpo codes--c : premium cloth seat trm 00l : secondary color, exterior, prime 00u : primary color, exterior, prime 01l : secondary color, exterior The T-56 six speed manual transmission has been used in a wide range of vehicles from General Motors, Dodge, and Ford Motor Company. For this application we used the late style HD because it is intended for truck use and GM Transmission Identification Automatic Transmissions. D. Manual transmissions such as the T56 Magnum and TKO600 are also available. 2L 4 cyl Automatic Transmission Identification and Information TH700-R4, 4L60, 4L60E: 16 bolts: 7: 4L80E: 17 bolts: Identifying a TH200-4R vs. com Transmission and gear identification. The THM700-R4, first used on the 1982 Chevrolet Corvette, was primarily designed for use on trucks and larger automobiles. The NV4500 was used by General Motors starting in 1992 and Dodge started using this five speed in 1994. 00 Select options 4L60E Transmission 4L60E 4L65E 4L70E Level 3 700-E Raptor Please locate the identification tag on your transfer case and write down the Model & Assembly Numbers. 4: AW-4 identification code location Fig. T: tcc solenoid (on/off in pump) U: tcc pwm solenoid (valve body) All 4L60E transmissions have tags with codes on top of trans i know that the first number is the year and the first - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 52. 1966-1970 M20 Two. The numbers are usually located on the transmission housing's middle to lower side, although the exact locations of the numbers vary depending on the application. It has a 5. 7L Workhorse P-Van 0BSP T1659AC 6. Q: Just needing to know if the 2008 4l60e ID CAD will interchange with a 2008 4l60e ID LAD ? My car has 201000 miles. Part Number: HUP-74-1CE Not Yet Reviewed GMC Savana 3500 Van (Transmission ID 4L60E) 4 Speed Automatic Transmission Transmission Oil Pan: 1999: GMC: Sierra 1500: GMC Sierra 1500 (Transmission ID 4L60E) with 3 Inch Deep Pan 4 Speed Automatic Transmission Transmission Oil Pan: 2000-2013: GMC: Sierra 1500: GMC Sierra 1500 (Transmission ID 4L60E) 4 Speed Automatic Transmission That is correct to my knowledge, but my expertise lies in the lighter 4L60E transmission. ford transmission identification tag . Te ID tag is found on the passenger's side of the transmission housing, towards the rear, just above the oil pan. Photo of TH200-4R '93-'94Number of Valve Body Solenoids4EPC SolenoidEarly3-2 Control SolenoidPWM (metal, white) 10-15 ΩTCC SolenoidNoneManual ValveNon-ventedCastingBottom: Open p Decoding Service Parts Identification tag (long) AUTO 4 SPD, HMD, 4L60E, ELECTRONIC NA5 : EMISSION SYSTEM, FEDERAL, TIER O Decoding Service Parts Identification 4L70-E transmission is a further improvement still, and share most components. © 2010 ATRA. 8 68-69 #3955272 2 or 4 Bolt 9. D. The electronics in the 4L60e can be eliminated with a vaccum modultor installed internally. 1976-1987. 99 A vehicle identification number (VIN) is a unique code assigned to every motor vehicle when it's manufactured. The '93-'94 is a NON PWM transmission. 03 - The Ford transmissions to avoid. 48. Supplying this tag information when ordering a replacement transmission or transmission parts is helpful. (See Pictures) 1993-Up SHOULD be the • There is an ID tag on the side of the transmission which can be decoded with the identifier below. # 0n white tag/sticker left side of bell housing 9TUM. 6F35 Valve Body Figure 3 Lead Frame Figure 4 0340920964759 SOL STRATEGY 36F0B8D SOL BODY ID 8036001201 Identification: The original solenoid As an example; the 94 4l60e is a non pwm ( pulse width modulation) trans. 1995 Corvette Indianapolis 500 Pace Car. Tag information includes model number, assembly number and ratio. VZ SS LS1 - Wheels + Badges VZ Commodore Multiple Fault Codes MiracleMAX 2005 Holden VZ SV6 Commodore 0 - 220km/h VY/VZ COMMODORE SERVICE MENU ACCESS How to reset your ECU in less than 1 minute Commodore C64 Dangerous Wedge PSU Repair vz sv6 cat back exhaust no back muffler 4L60E Design Changes and Tags VZ MY06 Commodore Doesnt start Aug 21 Wrong. 7L C-Truck 0BJP T1659AC 5. Year Type Grooves. 1962-1973. This manual can be used in collusion with any type of scanner utilized in retrieving these codes from the computer. In most cases, you can use the 4L60E trans with its 298mm style converter behind a normal, six-bolt LS crank flange engine (4. decoding process. DataOne's VIN Decoder API is designed to leverage OEM factory build data, unique 17-digit advanced VIN decoding logic developed at DataOne, to provide industry leading VIN decoding accuracy and precision. . The C-4 was a remarkably long-lasting transmission and was in use until 1981, at which point it was replaced with the C5, which was essentially a C4 transmission with a locking torque converter. Your other option is, if you're going with an aftermarket torque converter anyways, is to have the torque converter made with the correct offsets and mounting pads to bolt up to the stock 4. All of our rebuilt and new transfer cases come with a 24 month / 70,000 mileage warranty I am looking to see if I can find out what my transmission originally came out of. Casting Number: 8663549 ID Number: 9FMM060A Here is what I found on it so far: This image has been resized. I just dissambled so it would take up less space. This is a discussion on how to ID a 4L80E or a 6L80E within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I am looking on EBay and found two sellers of transmissions that should fit my 62 Buick Special w/ an JASPER remanufactures domestic automatic transmissions, backed by a nationwide warranty of up to 3 years or 100,000 miles (parts & labor) for your peace of mind. Answers others found helpful. * MUNCIE Shaft Identification The above Muncie 4 speed transmissions can be distinguished from the style of the transmission arm attachment. . When you are driving, the shifting between gears in an automatic transmission car should operate almost silently and imperceptibly. Notice that even though it's still a 6 bolt pattern ( the second hole up from the bottom on both sides is for a guide pin, not a bolt ) it's wildly different from the later 'standardized' patterns. Im trying to save this truck from going to the crusher but if I cant find a Vin on the frame then that's where how to ID a 4L80E or a 6L80E. 700R4 TORQUE CONVERTER MegaRaptor-2 700R4 EARLY 4L60E 200-4R 10 1/2 Inch Billet Converter $ 795. The VIN 8th digit is the “Engine ID” and the 10th digit is the “Year” Is the engine a V-6, a 2. How to read the Sticker/Label on your GM 6LXXE Trans. As far as automatic transmission first gear ratios are concerned, the list below covers all factory equipped automatics. 10 Bolt Oil Pan. Next digit is the calendar year. The casting numbers are simple to decode. Input Shaft Identification. We offer several options so you can have one custom built for you particular application. Vehicle Identification Number â VIN NUMBER This is a 17-character number that uniquely identifies the transmission type, factory installed engine, where it was built, among other details. LS1/LS6: This Gen III 346-cubic-inch 5. At quick glance the rest of the frictions look decent. They are designed and built with OEM quality in mind while still being Our 4L80e and 4L85E transmissions are one of the strongest in the world. If you can’t find the manual, try to look at the white door card or tag found at the driver’s door. These issues commonly can cause your transmission to slip. 1 piece TCC control valve in the valve body. As an aid to the GM Transmissions: GM Power Glide 2 Speed Transmission. Try to leave spaces between numbers if they exist on trim tag. Use The Transmission Cross Reference and Interchange Chart To Find Transmission Compatibility. 8L 4 Spd FWD MPRA Others have a tag rivited to the case. As shown above, the 10th character of the VIN indicates its model year. Pre ‘69 Muncie’s use a stud & nut at the indicated attachement point, while ‘69 and later Muncie’s use a bolt as illustrated on the right. if I have the 6l80e or Every car has its identification code, it consists of 17 numbers and letters, and it is located on a metal plaque that you can see from the outside just in front of drive ’s side through the windshield. Modifications include updates to servos, the PR system, and valve body accumulators. 4l60 4l60e 4l30e automatic gearbox workshop service manual Chevrolet Corvette 1983-1990 All Service Repair Manual Chevrolet Chevy Corvette 1983-1990 Service Manual Step 3 – Common problems with the 4L60E. The infographic below provides a simplified look at a sample VIN. Fig. 8, 3. I know my VIN. A: 1980 or 2010; B: 1981 or 2011 From 1967 on, the ID number contained the transmission type or plant prefix, Date (coded below) and a shift code. We have over 11,000 database records so far and If you can see it correctly, you will find an identification number of 7-8 letters and numbers. Introduced in 1966 and produced until 1989, the heavy-duty C6 was used behind engines ranging from the 351W to the 7. GM 4L60E Transmission Tech Info 4L60E Transmission Deep vs Shallow Filter Style Guide 4L60E Transmission Hardware Torque Specifications Answer ID 4891 | Published 10/06/2017 12:45 PM | Updated 03/11/2019 01:20 PM. The information on this tag is essential for ordering the correct replacement parts. To go into the 4L60E years just go up from the 1993 code, 1994 =4 1995 = 5 etc. Transmis­sions were sourced from Muncie, Saginaw, GM’s Hydra-Matic Division, and even Dearborn (Ford). evtparts. This is the easiest way to identify it. Report this image Just curious what The TH-200-4R has a 2. An alternative transmission used in both the F-150 and F-250 is the automatic E40D, denoted by the code E. Years. 3L 4 Spd FWD B6VA CL 1996-00 V6 3. 0L C-Truck, G-Van 3CFD 5. 46 low gear, verses the J-shift which was used from 73-77 and has a 2. The L indicates that the engine is longitudinally positioned. Another option is to grab your flashlight and go under the hood to look for part numbers. But it’s not that easy, because the transmission was made in the 1980s also. D: pressure control solenoid low . Be sure not to remove the I. Used 4L60E transmissions are no doubt an enticing option because of they’re affordability. Keep in mind that vehicles manufactured before 1981 might have fewer characters than today's standard VIN of 17 characters. 2L, 5. Here is what I know. The 4L80E transmission is the advanced progeny of the legendary TurboHydramatic TH400 automatic transmission, and is based heavily on the 400 in both parts and strength, yet featuring an added overdrive gear, a lock-up torque converter and advanced electronic controls. Jun 11, 2015 - Chevy transmission code identification chart: 4l60e 4l65e 4l80e The GM 4L60E/65E/70E-4L80E/85E Diagnostic Code Book is designed to provide the technician with a step by step diagnostic approach to each and every transmission code available from 1991 to the 2007 model year. M 6L45, 6L50, 6L80, 6L90 Identification uide ©2017 Sonnax Industries, Inc. NV4500 Transmission Identification. Model Year Engine Trans Type Transmission; Astro: 1989-1992 : TH700-R4/4L60: Astro: 1993 - Up : 4L60-E: Astro Van, Safari : 1995-06: V6 4. The C6 The C6 is to the C4 what the GM Turbo 400 is to the Turbo 350. New transmission designs came with new, unique pan shapes, and the general shape of the pan often paints a fairly clear picture of which automatic transmission you are dealing with. 1970-1974 M20 Two. He was soon able to say with certainty that a FYHB converter with a solid pattern/light blue tag would have paper friction material on the clutch and the same FYHB code with a solid pattern/light brown tag would have woven graphite friction material on Popular automatic transmission identification chart for Chrysler, Ford, and GM Automatic Transmissions with pan diagram About The Project The purpose of this project is to gather the largest, searchable online database of automotive casting numbers, factory part numbers, over the shelf part numbers, engine codes and factory option codes compiled from all corners of the internet as well as offline sources. 3L C-Truck, G-Van 3CCD 5. , Los Angeles, CA 90059 www. With the exception of the lock-up convertor, the electronics for the 4L60e regulate line pressure like the TV cable does on the 700R4 and 4L60. I also show how to decipher the case tags. Case connector is updated to the latest design on pre-1994 versions, and a vehicle pigtail harness is provided to address connection issues with the early design. 8 liter, or a 4. Oldsmobile : Model: Speeds: Years: Transmission Model : 442 - 5. Hydra-Matic 4L65-E is a heavy-duty automatic transmission designed to harness performance engines on the street and strip. 4L60 and 4L60E have . 4L60E Torque Converter LS1 4L60E 4L65E and 4L70E, Mega Raptor-2L 10 1/2 inch Billet Number MR-2L $ 795. Fig. 99 $ 39 . 50megs. The 243 or 799 casting are the most popular Gen 3 head. A vehicle identification number (VIN) is a unique code assigned to every motor vehicle when it's manufactured. 4 FWD: 1997-1999: 4T65E : 88 Royale 3. Next 3 digits is the Julian date. 00 Select options 4L60E Transmission 4L60E 4L65E 4L70E Level 3 700-E Raptor a 10 bolt steel plate) For decoding the specific application look for a metal tab riveted on the right side of the transmission body housing. 7 bolt side cover 1970, 454 Chevelle Mike, there are 2-Web Sites(Below) you could Go to get the Information your asking about . This three-speed medium-duty automatic was used primarily with six-cylinders and small-block V-8s. Transmission Type. 4L60E Performance Specs. These parts are designed to cushion the application of the clutch much the same as a dry clutch plate works. The 4L60E transmission is designed to handle a max engine torque of 360 lb-ft. US Shift Electronic Transmission Control Systems let you take charge of your 6R80, 4R70W, E4OD, 4R100, 4L60E, or 4L80E transmission and unlock its true potential. 420x325x034. Each Transmission Is Ran Through Our Dyno With This Non-Recycled Full Synthetic Fluid, 1970 Camaro Production: 12,578 6-cyl, 112,323 V8, 124,901 total. Durdeydolla · Registered. TH200. Remove the lock ring from the 3-4 clutch backing plate, then the backing plate. Tag will include the manufactures information. The tag shows a code number of: 04WB P7, and the Serial number is: 07318 089 After an exhaustive Internet search through GM transmission codes, my numbers don't seem to come up. GM Turbo 400 TH400 Transmission 3 Speed Transmission. GM vehicles manufactured after the mid-1980s have manufacturing codes on a sticker inside the glovebox or the driver's side door jamb. And, for use cases that do not justify the expense of OEM build data licensing, DataOne’s APIs are designed to accept a broad spectrum of 2-12@. The solenoid body ID is a combination of numeric digits and any letters A–F. No Core Charge on Most*. It has a computer program tailored to that feature. Access our Nissan Frontier, Xterra 1998-05 Transmission Identification Repair Guide by creating an account or signing into your AutoZone Rewards account. Mar 11 2017, 10:46pm Everything else in that chevy forum VIN Decoder appeared to be spot on. The L indicates that the engine is longitudinally positioned. This number contains vital information about the car, such as its manufacturer, year of production, the plant it was produced in, type of engine, model and more. I just found my th700r4 id location, now I cant quite decipher it. 1 piece TCC control valve in the valve body. 2L). If the 4th character is a 'D', you have a GM uses the same type 4-digit ID method of identifying FWD torque converters as with the RWD units, however the digits have different meanings. so I have a 1960 GMC 3/4 ton pickup that has been in the family for 20-30 yrs. The serial tag on the kick panel is all I have. Automatic Transmission Application Guide . By : broncozone. 5 mud terrains, Banks turbo, and a blown up 6. Click this bar to view the full image. 4l60e Transmission Identification Sticker Decoder can offer you many choices to save money thanks to 10 active results. I dont know exactly when, but sometime in 2008-ish, Allison stopped putting the little stamped/riveted serial number tags on the side of the [1000-series GM pickup truck] transmissions. Crawlpedia is an off-road encyclopedia complete with drivetrain calculators, a tire size converter, full off-road and 4x4 glossary, a ton of off-road links, and much more. 5HP19FLA5HP19FL Make Model Style From - up to Code ZF Part # OE Part # VW Passat Sedan 1. III+ engines. The tag provides the transmission model number, build date, and part number. 940x224x025 R. 34 low gear. By : www. Our transmission controllers are compact, packed with features, and have a built-in display for tuning as well as user-friendly software for more in-depth tuning. I'm hoping there's a way to tell that from the numbers on the transmission. These numbers are critical in determining the exact transfer case for your vehicle. Not sure what filter style you need for your 4L60E transmission. I didn't really look at the tag on the tranny. 1. D. The first digit of the Identification Tag will be the model number. They include the TH350, the TH400, the TH200-4R and the TH700-R4. 3L C-Truck, G-Van 3CBD 4. It is not intuitive. How to ID an LS Engine by VIN Chevrolet’s LS and LS-based Gen III and Gen IV small-block engines are generally known by their RPO code . Dodge trucks use a 23-spline input, while GM has two different inputs: one works with the 4L60E and 4L70E transmissions, while the other works with 4L80E transmissions. 4CHD 4. Flex plate: You will need a flexplate and spacer from ¾ ton GM truck that originally came with a 4L80E. it may not say 4L65E, or whatever, it may be in code also, look for any markings. Can anyone decode the following 700R4 code number? I would like to know if I have the year correct and that it is a 700R4 transmission, what make and model vehicle it came from along with what engine it was pared with? Serial # 9TUM265B on passenger side bottom rear of the case. Maybe the Camaro site. The Hydra-Matic 6L90 (production code MYD) is a six-speed automatic transmission produced by General Motors for use in rear- and rear-biased all-wheel-drive vehicles with a longitudinal powertrain - Assembly Date Code Stamping - can be stamped anywhere GM Turbo 350 and 350C (TH350 Transmission) 3 Speed Transmission. However, these versions have strengthened and improved components for the significant power outputs of GM's impressive line of Gen. 703 Mounting Style: 3 mounting nuts decode gm transmission numbers : decode gm transmission part number tags 4spd muncie: diesel flywheel manual transmission gm 6. Next suggestion is crawl under the truck and look for metal tags or plates on the transmission, and /or numbers and letters stamped on the case. My reason for leaving you with this technical information is a way of making a strong impression on why it is so easy to deal with a specialty transmission supplier with the proper identification information and practical usable experience. Another special-edition Corvette was made available in 1995. Provide the code and we can look it up. 4l60e id tag decoder